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News from June 2021

Food and Beverage Accelerator Program to Launch in July

June 17, 2021

The application is due June 23, 2021 and the program begins on July 19.

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LiteSheet Solutions releases Gen 2 LED UV-C Disinfecting Cabinet

June 15, 2021

Higher powered and more efficient to kill surface pathogens in under 60 seconds.

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Virginia Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost-share Program

June 3, 2021

Practices including Livestock Stream Exclusion, Grazing Management, Alternative Watering Systems and Cover Cropping Virginia‚Äôs Agricultural Best Management Practices Cost-Share Program offers more than 70 conservation practices that cover the full spectrum of agricultural operations. Whether you grow crops, raise livestock or produce poultry, there are BMPs that can benefit you. While all of the practices […]

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Pasture Walk at Tuck Farms

June 3, 2021

Keith Tuck will hold a Pasture Walk at his farm in Moneta on June 15, 2021 where attendees can learn how he developed a rotational grazing system and uses a diversity of forages to manage for year-round grazing and improved cattle performance. This event is sponsored by the National Grazing Lands Coalition, the VA Forage […]

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