Bedford County Economic Development

Office of Economic Development


Circuit Court Clerk’s Office

The applicant must register his/her Trade or Fictitious Name with the Bedford County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. The fee for this is $10.00 and payment is made by cash, check or money order.

To register the Trade or Fictitious Name, the following information will be requested:

  • The trade name
  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Physical address of the business operation
  • The entity type (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation)
  • Signature notarized or signed before Deputy Circuit Court Clerk

For Corporations, you must also submit an attested copy of the trade name registration form to the State Corporation Commission. Forms are available at the Bedford County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.

For more information, please contact:
Bedford Circuit Court
123 East Main St., Suite 201
Bedford, VA 24523
Call (540) 586-7632

Permits and License Contact Information

Air Pollution Control Hazardous Materials Permits Facilities emitting gases or particles. Facilities with air emission units (Incinerators, dry cleaners, certain fuel burners, etc). Facilities using/operating with any hazardous material. Bedford County Department of Health Environmental Services | Phone 540-586-7952 | Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality | 434-582-5120 | Bedford County Fire & Rescue | 540-587-0700
Alcoholic Beverage Licenses All selling alcoholic beverages. Virginia ABC Board | 804-213-4400
Building Permits Anyone erecting or modifying building structures.  Bedford County Building Inspections | 540-586-7616
Tax Structure  – Personal Property, Real Estate, Sales Tax, Meals Tax, Business furniture, fixtures & Equipment, Machinery & Tools Tax All businesses located or operating in Bedford County are required to contact the Commissioner of Revenue’s Office in filing the applicable tax documents Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office | 540-586-7621
Certificates of Authority Corporations doing business in VA but incorporated elsewhere. Virginia State Corporation Commission | 804-371-9733
Contractor Licenses Practicing electrical, mechanical (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), plumbing and home improvement contractors. Virginia Dept. of Professional & Occupational Regulation | 804-367-8511
Electrical Permits Those installing or replacing electrical equipment.  Bedford County Building Inspections | 540-586-7616
Employer ID Number Businesses required filing federal tax documents. US Internal Revenue Service | 800-829-1040 or 800-829-3676
Food Service Permits All food establishments. Bedford County Department of Health | 540-586-7952 |US Dept. of Agriculture | 800-233-3935
Home Occupation Permit Businesses located in residential dwellings.  Planning & Zoning Office | 540-586-7616
Mechanical Permits Those installing or replacing mechanical equipment.  Bedford County Building Inspections | 540-586-7612
Plumbing Permits Those installing or replacing plumbing equipment. Bedford County Building Inspections | 540-586-7616
Occupancy Permit Those building new facilities for business use, changing the use of a building or changing the business of an existing commercial building. Planning & Zoning Office | 540-586-7616
State Occupation/Business License Occupations and professions that require state licensure. Various state agencies | 804-786-0000
Trade Name Registration Business operating under a trade or fictitious name. Bedford County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office | 540-586-7632
Trademark Registration Any person who owns/uses a trademark in Virginia. Virginia State Corporation Commission | 804-371-9051