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Bedford County has worked hard to create an attractive environment for Agribusiness owners such as Danny Johnson, at left, of Johnson’s Orchard and Winery, pictured here with Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services Commissioner Matthew J. Lohr.

Bedford County has more than 1,400 farms and 200,000 acres of farmland. It is a prime location for agriculture-based businesses. We also have a growing local food movement and have implemented a Bedford Grown branding initiative in which producers and farmers can use a logo to signify which products were grown or raised in Bedford County. This instills pride for Bedford Grown products and is expected to increase sales.

Agribusinesses buy or sell products directly to farmers or may offer services that help to keep farmers in business. A successful agribusiness is one that researches the market to ensure a profitable start. The Office of Economic Development may help identify potential grants for a solid business idea so contact us today to learn more.

Agribusiness companies in this region:
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