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Wireless Communication

BCO-Commscope-4622The Wireless Communication industry has had a significant presence in this region for decades. From the former presence of telecoms giant Ericsson, Inc. to the dozens of wireless companies that have sprouted up since then, this region is in the forefront of the wireless communication industry. The wireless business community has evolved to bring forward new technologies that address wireless solutions that are key.

At Bedford County’s Center for Advanced Engineering and Research, wireless companies in the region have a state-of-the-art R&D facility in which to focus on experimental wireless solutions and products through the CAER’s master research agreements with major universities.

Central to those research efforts is in the creation of a large scale facility that would cover much of rural Virginia with an experimental high-speed wireless network that companies could use for experimentation and that would provide futuristic wireless services to the state.

The CAER is also focused on research in cognitive radio products with plans to develop technologies that will use spectrum more efficiently by intelligently avoiding interference. These applications allow for the CAER to explore wireless applications that improve hospital patient quality of care and wireless technologies that make real-time diagnostics more affordable.

A sampling of Wireless Communication firms in this region:
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